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Genital Desensitizer Numbing Spray

Genital Desensitizer Numbing Spray

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  • Enhanced Endurance:
    • K-Y Duration helps prolong sexual experiences to the maximum.
  • Convenient Application:
    • Easy-to-use pump spray for mess-free application.
    • Start with 3 sprays as directed for optimal results.
  • Sustained Pleasure:
    • Active ingredient: Lidocaine, aids in lasting longer and enhancing pleasure.
  • Lidocaine Formula:
    • FDA-deemed safe for delaying ejaculation and extending climax time.
    • Use as directed for best results.
  • Doctor Recommended:
    • Endorsed by healthcare professionals from the doctor-recommended personal lubricant brand.
  • Discreet Packaging:
    • Delivered in discreet packaging with no indication of parcel contents.


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