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Sex Position Pillow with Sex Game Dice

Sex Position Pillow with Sex Game Dice

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  • Sex Dice:

    • Number of Positions: 12
    • Material: Hard Acrylic
    • Function: Enhances variety and excitement in sexual positions
  • Sex Pillow:

    • Material: Plant Velvet Fabric (Surface), Inflatable
    • Function: Provides support for various body parts during sex
    • Multi-use: Suitable for pregnancy support, enhancing comfort in different scenarios
  • Perfect Combination:

    • Ideal Gift for Couples: A unique and adventurous gift
    • Unpredictable Experience: The dice adds an element of surprise to your intimate moments
  • High-Quality Materials:

    • Durable Construction: Dice made of hard acrylic for longevity
    • Soft and Comfortable: Pillow's surface crafted from plush plant velvet fabric
  • Multi-Use Support Pillow:

    • Versatile Application: Besides enhancing sex, supports pregnancy-related needs
    • Portable and Convenient: Suitable for home, outdoors, parties, and travel
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