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Premium 360 Degree Sex Swing V2

Premium 360 Degree Sex Swing V2

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  • Ceiling Fastener with 360 Degree Rotation:

    • Ensures firm and reliable attachment to the ceiling.
    • Provides a versatile range of movement for enhanced experiences.
  • U-Shaped Pillows and Detachable Handcuffs:

    • Comfortable upgrades for a comprehensive restraint system.
    • U-shaped pillows and detachable handcuffs enhance the overall experience.
  • Wide and Thick Cushion:

    • Offers a wide cushion.
    • Features a thick cushion for superior comfort during use.
  • Mysterious Gift and Beautiful Packaging:

    • Includes a mysterious gift with the most beautiful packaging pattern.
    • Thoughtful touches for an enhanced overall purchase experience.


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